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Amouranth's participation in convention programming includes (but is not limited to):

  • Hosting panels and workshops on subjects including costume craftsmanship (multiple levels), crossplay, makeup, wig styling, prop construction, armor making, and many more

  • Judging contests such as costuming and cosplay

  • Appearing in costume during the event

  • Signing autographs at her merchandise table or other appropriate setting

  • Photo Ops with attendees


If you would like to invite Amouranth to make a guest appearance at your convention, please fill out the booking form with as much detail about your event as possible and any offers or proposals. Thank you.

The judge's table during the cosplay contest at Wizard World Austin

Previous Events 

Past conventions Amouranth has appeared as as a cosplay guest or media at:

Delta-H-Con (2013-2015)
Wizard World - Guangzhou, China (2015)
Wizard World - Austin (2015 - 2016)
Victoria Comic Con (2016)

TwitchCon (2016)
Stan Lee's LA ComicCon (2016)
TwitchCon (2017)

One of Amouranth's award-winning costumes. See more in her portfolio


Amouranth is one of the blessed few to make a successful career out of her favorite hobby.  Despite the time and work it takes to run her own entertainment business, she strives to keep her creativity thriving and preserve the fun that originally lured her into the cosplay community. Since the birth of her craft in 2010, Amouranth has expanded her portfolio to include all genres of costumes. Her creations have won awards and received international recognition, allowing her to travel across the world to appear as a guest and panelist.